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Low-fat, high-fiber and gluten-free: smöoy is the first functional frozen yogurt on the market, with an own formulation created by ice cream masters based on a century of experience. Only smöoy offers four bases of yogurt (natural and special) and ice cream (chocolate and cream), all with these same characteristics and prebiotic and probiotic qualities.

Smooy special yogurt changes every week, offering a greater variety to our customers, who can choose at any time the size, flavor and toppings with which to accompany their smöoy. There are more than 40 options to which innovations are continuously incorporated, thanks to departments such as Research and Development.

As a franchise, smöoy is its own manufacturer and is present in more than 15 countries on four continents. Among other awards, Smooy has received the Food Award of Spain 2015, accesit Entrepreneurial.

smöoy is a Full Member of the Spanish Franchise Association (AEF). It is committed to the ethical principles of the franchise system and complies with the European Code of Ethics for Franchising.

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