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What is smöoy

smöoy is a Spanish franchise that manufactures and sells the first functional frozen yogurt on the market: low fat, high in fiber and gluten free. It was born in 2010 but has the experience of its creators, the fourth generation of a family dedicated to traditional ice cream for a century. It also has its own departments of R+D+I and of Food Quality, which work to offer new products, and improvement for the consumers.

Since opening its first store, it has got to reach 15 international markets on four continents thanks to a quickly expansion that has taken it to places like Ecuador, Peru, Panama, China, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Guinea Conakry, Angola, Ivory Coast, Reunion Island, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore...

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smöoy is different

smöoy is characterized by being a product with its own unique formulation. In addition to the base of natural yogurt, smooy has a special flavor that changes every week and is fruit. These smooy flavors are being announced every week on social networks. On the other hand, it also presents the bases of chocolate and cream. Both yogurts and ice creams can be mixed together.

    All of them are:

  1. Low in fat (0.9% for yogurt, 2.9% for chocolate and 2.8% for cream).
  2. Rich in fiber (all contain 3%).
  3. Gluten free.

Communication with your customers and fans

The smöoy has a constant interaction with its customers and fans through different channels, among them, social networks and internet. smöoy is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Swarm, Spotify, etc. And his followers add up by the thousands. smöoy is present in all social networks and has a strong marketing strategy that places it as a reference of the sector, with more than 300,000 fans on Facebook, and various web portals where content of interest to its target is published. It also has a loyalty card for its customers (smooystar) and an international app that offers information, games, geolocation, etc. It is also the only company in the sector that has carried out campaigns on all national television channels in Spain and other media.

List of awards

  • Finalist of the 2016 National Marketing Awards, organized by the Marketing Association of Spain, in the category of Internationalization in Latin America (LATAM), together with Iberia and Acciona (2016).
  • Spain Food Award 2015 to the Restoration Accésit foods of Spain to the Entrepreneurship Initiative, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. First Award for Modern Restoration in the category of R&D (2015), obtained from the Association of Chains of Modern Restoration (FERHCAREM).
  • Honorable Mention of the Herentia Award 2015 , granted by the Murcian Association of Family Business (Amefmur).
  • One of the three finalists of the XXI Entrepreneur Award, category CRECES (2014), convened by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade
  • Mercury Award for Services Company 2012 (Chamber of Commerce of Murcia).
  • Entrepreneurial and Professional Women's Organization (OMEP) Entrepreneurial Award of the Year 2012; Awarded to the Director General and one of the founders of the company, Nuria Martínez Sirvent.

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